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Born and raised in Oregon, I spent my childhood in Portland, a city that boasts America’s largest brewing market. I got my first brewing kit at the age of 19 when my mom surprised me for Christmas. Inspired by my father who spent some of his free time in our basement crafting beers, it ignited the passion in me to do homebrew.

Where it all really started…

I had the pleasure to join my dad and his buddies learn how to brew, from that day, I became crazy with home brewing. I listened while the “aduts” explained sugar density, hydrometers, and fermentation like these were concepts the average teenage kid should know about.

Since then I have managed a local biker bar downtown for the last 7 years. I love to talk to people and share my hobby with brewing. I always push boundaries with an uncompromising spirit. I am in a community that has a fair share of love in beer crafts. Through time and with thousand of shared ideas, The Brewing Art was born.

The Brewing Art is created to help dedicated homebrewers. My aim is to help people enjoy life and be committed to brewing for a better drinking experience. I also help starting entrepreneurs in the beverage industry pursue their passion by providing advice and information about quality brews. I have come a long way since my first batch of crafted beers in our kitchen. Still, I never stop gathering different processes and ideas and never give up on crafting more tasty beers. It is my commitment to always be more innovative, inspired, and striving to be better every day.

So, are you a budding homemade brewer? The Brewing Art can definitely help.


Joe Davis

Owner /CEO

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