Build Your Own Home Bar With Kegerator


Are you one of those people who’s frequently seen inside your local bar until your whole escapade ends? What’s the most common reason why we love going out and having drinks inside a bar? Drinks are of various kinds. From drinks such “I’m chilling” to “I want to go all crazy!” Are there other reasons? Think. Most of us go to bars to socialize. To keep in touch with our friends or to meet new people. To let loose after all the stress you went through with your boss or to go wild and crazy for one in a while. These are all quite relatable. But, recently we’ve been dealing with a lot of nuisances in your life. This includes having no time to waste inside the bar and having no friends who have time for a booze and chit chat.

So how do we deal with these? I’d say, start considering building your own bar!

While going to your favorite bar sounds great. Converting your kids’ room, if you’re married or have a child, into a home bar sounds way better, right? Any room or a corner of it will do.

Home Bar + Kegerator

Bars are for drinking and drinks have to stay cold. It makes refrigeration one of the most important components of your project. You have to decide which type of refrigeration you’ll include in your bar based on how much room you have. The amount of money you can spend and what you like to drink the most. While using a single piece of refrigeration is a basic method that works for many home bars. More sophisticated bars have refrigeration units built into the counter, under the bar. But since we like to focus more on the kegerators, here are the draft beer fridge options.

  • Under Counter Kegerator – Easy to install. You can also use this as stand-alone units if the need arises. Most people install these units into their back bars, but they can also be put in the front bar. Undercounter kegerators are identical to traditional full-size kegerators. The primary difference is that you can install them directly on your countertop. This is an ideal solution for anyone that has little floor-space for a portable kegerator.
  • Stand-Alone Draft Beer Refrigerator – This can be set to the side of the bar.
  • Kegerator Conversion – You can use a refrigerator that you already have. It will save you the most money. Take an old refrigerator, like the kind you have in your kitchen. Converting it into a kegerator is actually simple with a refrigerator conversion kit. You can place the fridge, so it’s out of the way or rearrange it, making it the bar’s central part.
  • Mini Kegerators – Mini kegerators are much smaller than your typical kegerator dispenser. You can put them on your countertop or home bar top for convenient use, and then store it away when you’re not using it. They include all the functionality of a full-sized kegerator. Designed to dispense beer from mini-kegs.
  • Outdoor Kegerators – if you’re planning to build your very own bar outside, then this is the perfect cooling system you need to have. Outdoor kegerators help to maintain a constant internal temperature. Regardless of what the surrounding temperature is. This means it is safe to store and to dispense your beer outdoors all year round.

Kegerators are not only a great accessory but they’re great for year-round use. It offers a simple way to dispense adult beverages without consuming a lot of space. So don’t forget to install it at your home bar.

How to Set-Up a Kegerator: A Step-by-Step

Secure these materials:

  • Faucet Handle
  • Faucet
  • Beer Frame
  • Guard Rail
  • Drip Tray (not photographed)
  • Double Gauge Regulator
  • Air Line – 5/16 “ID
  • CO2 Air Tank Holder
  • Frame Beer Line – 3/16″ ID
  • Keg Coupler 12
  • Nylon Washer
  • Rubber Washers
  • Screw Clamps
  • Spanner Wrench 18
  • Metal Keg Floor Support
  • Casters (optional)
  • Half Keg (without this)

Step-1: Install top railing. The highest railing will easily break on the kegerator, no tools needed here. The railing has holes on top of the kegerator fridge to pop into.

Step-2: Install the draft tower. Align the circular gasket holes to the screw holes at the top of the kegerator fridge. Load the line of vinyl beer through the hole. Then screw through the gasket and spaces atop the keg fridge into the tower screws.

Step-3: Attach tap faucet. Use the spanner wrench and rubber washer when securing the faucet tap in place. Use it for a firm attachment to the kegerator tap tower. The spanner wrench at the edge of the beer faucet should fit into the openings. It will help prevent any leakages in your draft system.

Step-4: Attach tap handle. Normal tap handles easily mess up on top of the faucet tap you are using. You can also be creative by customizing your own Beer Tap Handle.

Step-5: Connect beer line to keg coupler. Attach the washer before connecting the line. Make sure to secure when screwing the line onto the top of the coupler. Use a hex nut wrench to make sure it’s tightly sealed.

Step-6: Attach one end of the airline to the regulator. Link opposite end to keg coupler. Then attach a regulator to the CO2 tank with a CO2 inlet nut. Next, Attach coupler to the keg.

Step-7: Open up the air tank. Adjust the regulator to the proper PSI level. Next, place the CO2 tank in the kegerator fridge.

Step-8: Set temperature. Set your kegerator at a temperature between 36° and 40°F.

Step-9: Pour delicious beer!

Reasons to Consider Before Building Your Own Home Bar

An in-house bar is a place where we can relax and switch off from the world. It makes a great conversation piece for anyone who stops by. Whether it’s for entertaining guests or keeping yourself satisfied. A home bar will give you a lot of conveniences.

Creating a home bar does not need a lot of work. With a few essential goods and the right mix of liquor, you can have your own bar that will rival any upscale establishment.

8  options to consider when you’re building your home bar:

  • Determine What You Want – Before deciding to build your own home bar ask yourself the following questions to get you in the right mindset. “Does my place have enough space? “. “CAN I AFFORD THE EXPENSES? “. “Do I want it movable or permanent? ” etc.
  • DIY Project Or Professional Contractor’s Job? – this refers to your budget. If you’re one of those people who are fortunate in life then It’s either you’ll contact someone professional or you’ll save money and just build it yourself…  With your DIY knowledge. Pray to God you’ll succeed.
  • Hiring A Contractor – For big or complex projects. you’ll probably want to think about hiring a general contractor. A home bar has several facets and may involve the skills of various craftsmen. A contractor will handle all the plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. Also, permits (if needed) and cleanup. The contractor can also work with you on design and they’ll alert you to any potential problems and/or concerns. Most likely they will get the job done quickly, with minimal stress on your end.
  • Building The Bar Yourself – If you’re up for the challenge, building your own bar can be a very rewarding experience! If you’re fairly handy or have fairly handy friends who might be willing to work for a beer, your home bar project could be a darn good time. Plus, it will only cost you a few dollars and blood, sweat, & tears optional but inevitably.
  • What’s the Layout & Design? – again, refer to #2. If you want it fancy, spend hundreds-thousands. If you want it simple, less costly make sure to have extra materials on hand. It will be a huge help. Lastly,  call your friends. If you have 10 friends, I’m sure 1-2 of those are “I’ll help you build this castle and make this our man cave in the future” type of friends.
  • Factors To Consider: Space, Shape, Ceiling height, Doorway and stairway widths, Sump pump location, Electrical outlets, Cable TV hookups, Access to water lines. You need to be specific with this one especially if you’re building a non-movable bar.
  • Sink and Refrigerator: well for this topic, it’s a kegerator.
  • Draft Maintenance and Balance: Are you ready for the commitment? It is recommended that draft beer lines be cleaned once every two weeks. Dirty lines affect the taste of your beer. No one will want to drink your beer if it doesn’t taste like it’s supposed to.

Bonus: Best type of flooring for a Home Bar?

  • Carpet – Carpet tiles are modern, soft to the feet, easy to install and replace. It is also good for acoustics and has an average cost. This would be our number one choice. It can be installed for about $6.00 per sq. ft.
  • Concrete – Concrete is cost-effective, easy to clean, and can be modern or rustic. It can be stained for as low as $3.00 per sq. ft.
  • Laminate – This is also durable, warm, hygienic, and sophisticated. Installation and maintenance are simpler than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. It costs less and requires less skill to install than alternative flooring materials.
  • Wood board – If you want to have that country style feels, like cowboy talks then I suggest you pick this. Though it can be a bit more costly than the others, it’s worth it.

5 Benefits of Having Your Own Home Bar

It not only looks cool to own a bar at home, but there are also a host of extra benefits that you might not have thought of. It is more convenient than going out. With the queues, expense, or waiting for the bathroom plus there are other benefits too.

  • Adding value – An attractive bar can help to increase the value of your home, in terms of money and appearance. If you keep it well-stocked and organized, a home bar can be a wonderful thing to install to any kind of home.
  • Save Money – a home bar is a wonderful way to cut costs. There will be no more painful checks from your bank account the morning after the night before. You will already have pre-purchased alcohol at home for a significantly reduced price.
  • Cuts you with the worries – Have you ever tried being so drunk and you ended up passing out somewhere along the street?  Or too drunk to even care where to throw up? Got into chit-chat with Mr. Police officer for drunk driving? Then Having your very own bar inside your house will definitely make things easy for you the next day. Except for cleaning.
  • Gives you a place to relax – If you enjoy drinking but prefer to do it with a small group of friends. Your home bar can take you away from the hustle and bustle of the nightlife. It can let you relax with the company that you choose. Special spaces are great for peace. If you want a quiet drink after work or a small group of friends around for wine, you can choose the guest list every time.
  • An intimate night with your friends and family – When you have a home bar, you are more inclined to host social events. You can even get-togethers so that your social calendar fills with ease. Also,  a great way of getting into your partner’s sweet bones.

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